1. Cultural Fusions

Interpreting Cultural Sources

Stage 1 Researching Source Material

This project calls for research into a textile or textile design from a particular culture, fill a research folder or A3 sketchbook with illustrations, photographs, drawings and written notes on the chosen area.

I’ve chosen Africa to research as it is such a large Continent there is bound to be something that catches my eye to delve deeper in to.

I bought this book from Amazon and used the internet extensively for my research.

These are some of the websites I found very useful.

Adire African Textiles


African Textiles

African Crafts Market

Stage 2 Developing Your Source Materials

I started by doing some drawings from my research in pencil to emphasize the shapes without the distraction of colour.

I then went on to Drawings using Derwent Graphitint pencils.

Stage 3 Creating A Portfolio

Use previous drawings as a starting point to work in various media.

Paints over oil pastels.

Lino Print

Gouache paints with black pen.

Brusho painted tissue paper with bleach.

Oil pastels and coloured papers.

Pastel pencils on pastel paper.

Next I had to make a collection of samples based on my research.

On the OCA forum there was a discussion on techniques that could be used.  I did an online class a few years ago on Monoprinting and the teacher gave an extra lesson on Glue Batik.  She used Elmers glue which I believe is available in the US.  I had a go at the time with some school glue I got at The Works but it didn’t really work.  I bought a bottle of ‘Create & Play’ PVA glue from Home Bargains and thought it was worth another go.

Step 1

Place a piece of cotton on to a piece of plastic (I used a black bin bag) then draw design with PVA Glue and leave to dry overnight.

Step 2

Paint with fabric paints.  In this piece I wanted it to look like mud cloth.

Step 3

Leave to dry then iron to fix.  Wash in hot soap water to remove glue and voila this is what I came up with.  Not bad for a glue that only cost 99p for 500ml.

I had to make about 10 samples but ended up with 11.

Sample 1

Sample 2

Sample 3

Sample 4

Sample 5

Sample 6

Sample 7

Sample 8

Sample 9

Sample 10

Sample 11

Stage 4 Selecting designs for a specified outcome

From portfolio of samples choose 2 design ideas to develop further.

  • idea to develop towards a product – furnishing:- cushion or throw – fashion:- accessory, bag or scarf
  • idea to develop as a conceptual or expressive piece

Sample 1 – scarf or wrap

Sample 2 – wall hanging using Andrinka symbols – I tried a flour resist for the background then made a print on top with 3 different symbols that I made with Quickprint foam.

Hand stitched around symbols and in lines from top to bottom.


2 responses to “1. Cultural Fusions

  1. Great work Penny – love the art you are doing in this course!

  2. Sorry sorry I mean Susan I dont know where the Penny came from!

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