Assignment 3

I had to do at least 10 samples but that depended on what techniques I used but I did manage to do 10.  I wasn’t too sure about this chapter but I’ve surprised myself at the work I’ve done.  Some are more successful than others but overall I’m pleased with them.  See if you can see what source material in my sketchbook I’ve used for each sample 🙂

Sample 1

Lutrador  hand stitched to organza background

Sample 2

Hand dyed fabric strips on background ready for stitching

Hand stitched sample

Sample 3

Strips of organza bondaweb to background

Hand stitched sample

Sample 4

Layers of organza hand stitched then cut back to show layers below

Sample 5

Machine stitched grid on water soluble film attached to layer of organza

Sample 6

Various wools woven through nylon net

Sample 7

Organza embellished to background fabric then hand stitched

Sample 8

Silk tops and angelina embellished to background fabric then machine embroidered on top

Sample 9

Wool tops embellished on to black fabric then hand stitching added

Sample 10

Hand dyed fabric machine stitched to water soluble fabric then threads couched on top


One response to “Assignment 3

  1. Wow! Beautiful samples and so many interesting materials. Thanks for sharing.

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