3. Reveal and Conceal

This chapter looks at the effects of light and explores techniques and materials which could be used to illustrate and use light in textile designs.  It covers things like netting, weaving, using a laminator, fabric manipulation, deconstructing and printing techniques.  The emphasis changes to architectural and natural uses of light, e.g. reflection in glass, water, etc.

Stage 2 Experimental Workshops

Workshop 3: Stitched nets, grids and structures

Simple machine stitched grid on water soluble film.

Hand dyed scrim with machine stitched grid on water soluble film

Hand dyed dishcloth cotton zigzag stitched to water soluble film                            with further stitched grid

Hand dyed scrim with dishcloth cotton machine stitched grid on water soluble film

Workshop 4: Woven Structures

Strips of ‘silk paper’ and thick cotton thread hand stitched to organza

Various wools woven through nylon net

Wool woven woven through nylon net

Fabric, wool woven through nylon net

Workshop 6: Manipulating fabrics

Layers of organza with rectangles of fabric underneath with hand stitching

Strips of organza gathered on to each other with running stitch

Strips of organza woven together then grid of machine stitching

Wool tops attached to organza on embellisher with hand stitching

Various wool embellished to background fabric

Workshop 7: Deconstructing and disintigration

Lutrador painted with fabric paints and machine stitched

Previous sample zapped with heat gun

Stamped pattern with fabric paint machine stitching then zapped

Tyvek painted stitched to organza then ironed

Tyvek sample photographed against the light from a window

Painted Lutrador zapped with heat gun then crosses stitched on top

Previous sample held up against light

Painted Lutrador grid machine stitched on top the zapped

Previous sample held up against light

Bondaweb painted with watercolour ironed to piece of organza then hand stitched

Workshop 8: Working with inkjet printer

Photo of building reflected in another printed on cotton

Liver building reflected in new building down at Pier Head

Workshop 9: Paper lamination

3 photos glued to organza with acrylic gel

after soaking in water –  disappointing result

I use compatible inks in my printer so they probably aren’t permanent.

Assignment 3 is here and the sketchbook for this Assignment here


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  1. would love to see what you have done but the pictures are no available

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