Safely arrived……

I’ve been tracking my work online as it has made it’s way to OCA headquarters in Barnsley for Novembers’ Assessment and I’m glad to say it arrived safely on Thursday morning.  I also got an e-mail on Friday to say it had arrived and giving a timeline for the results.  They will be online at the student site by the middle of December and I should get a breakdown of marks and advice from the assessors in the New Year.  So I’ll have a nervous few months until I find out how I have done, fingers crossed 🙂



After two long years my work is on it’s way to OCA headquarters in Barnsley for Novembers assessment.   I nearly gave myself and the lady in my local Post Office a hernia last time it was so heavy so I sent it by MyHermes they pick it up and it was reasonably cheap £10.61 to send.  It is going to be a nerve wracking few months until I get my result but fingers crossed I do as well as last time.

The guidelines in my course material said to send Assignments 2-5 but I noticed in my new module it says to send Assignment 1 as well even though it isn’t assessed  the assessors want to see what you have done.

I e-mailed OCA to see if I should send Assignment 1 as well but their reply is that they have changed the guidelines but it won’t come in to force until next March so I could choose to include it or not.  I needed to get it into the post this week to get to Barnsley for next Mondays deadline so I decided not to include it as I didn’t have enough mountboard to mount my work properly and I wouldn’t have got more it in time.

New course materials…..

….. now that I have finished Textiles 1: Exploring Ideas I can start on my next module so I emailed OCA to ask them to send the course materials for Understanding Art: Western Art which I hope will come next week.  I’ve started a new blog which you can follow here if you are interested.

West African Textiles exhibition

I’m a bit late posting about this.  I found this pdf of an exhibition of West African Textiles when I was doing research for Cultural Fusions.  At the time I didn’t realise you could embed pdf’s on a blog but after seeing them on other blogs I wondered how they where done, so I googled and found out how to do it and it’s easy once you know how.


Personal Project

At one point I thought I was never going to finish this module but I’m happy to say I have finished my Personal Project at last.  I took the safe option because I was running out of time to finish this module but overall I’m happy with what I’ve done.  I just need to do some written work and I can send it to my tutor.

The last thing I’ve got to do is get all my work together in one place and mount it so I can send it for Assessment in November.  It has to be in Barnsley by 15h October so I’ll need to start on it in the next week or two.


After a lot of procrastination I have finally finished Chapter 4 Contextual Studies.  I kept putting it off and finding the most trivial of things to do other than sit down  and write the 2,000 word analytical study of Zandra Rhodes.  I have to admit I was  dreading it but I was surprised that once I got going it wasn’t too bad.

I’ve just got to proof read it and print it out then I can send it to my tutor.  Now I can start on the last Chapter A Personal project.

I was hoping to put in for July’s assessment date but it will have to wait until November now.

Bailey and Shrimpton

I’ve just finished watching ‘We’ll Take Manhatten’ on BBC Four.  I missed it first time around when it was on a few months ago so was so glad it was repeated.  It was fascinating to see how David Bailey stuck to his principles and instead of the stuffy staid fashion photographs that Vogue had been using before, they where replaced with the fresh images that have since become so iconic.

I loved the bit on the plane back to the UK when Bailey heard the Beatles hit “Love Me Do” and said “what is this rubbish?”  Don’t know if he really said it probably artistic licence but it made me laugh.

UPDATE 3rd August  There has been some discussion on the student forum about including photo taken from the web in a blog even if it is for education purposes.  I don’t want to get in any trouble so am taking out the photos I included in this post.