New course……

… I forgot to post on here that I’ve started my first second level course towards my Textile degree, Developing Creative Textiles.

To make it easier for my tutor and assessors to view I’ve started a new blog, if you’re interested you can follow it here .

I’m just finishing the first project and hope to get it sent to my tutor next week then I can start on the project I’ve been looking forward to the most ‘Dyeing and screen printing’. I did some dyeing using Procion dyes for my City & Guilds but I’m looking forward to experimenting more and hopefully trying Natural dyeing. I’d like to try Indigo dyeing but I don’t have any outside space to do it safely so I’ve been doing some research and you can get blue if you use Black beans. I wasn’t sure if my local Tesco would


sell them but luckily I was able to get a pack yesterday. It will be interesting to see if I can get blue from them as some blogs I’ve read have only managed green. It seems to be down to if your water is acid or alkaline. I’ve also been saving onion skins for ages and the shells from a pack of walnuts my brother bought me earlier this year so I’ll be able to try at least 3 natural dyes to start with.

I did screen printing on Exploring Ideas but I’d like to try using thickened dye this time.


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