I got the results of November’s assessment for Exploring Ideas.  I got 57 which I was disappointed in I thought I would have done better than that considering all the work I put in to it.  I wonder if they are tougher at marking now that they have changed the accrediting University.  I don’t get any feedback for a while so I will have to see what it says but I’m not sure if they give any indication on how you can improve your work.

UPDATE 18th May 2013

I got the written feedback in January:-

Assessor comments

Your enquiring practical experimentation will be strengthened by a deeper critical analysis.  This continued reflection will advance your creative development and your developing personal voice.  More attention to the presentation and the critical reviewing of your sampling will enable you to identify potential, and therefore enable you to progress creatively and grow in confidence in your decision making.


2 responses to “Results……

  1. Have you got your formal letter after the assessment which includes the assessors comments? The whole process of final assessment for my first course (Printmaking 1) made me think a lot about the enormous difference between assignments and the feedback from tutors on those, and the formal, final assessment. It took me a bit of time to get my head around the marks and grades and what they all mean.

  2. I’ve only just paid attention to the dates – of course you must! I’m a sporadic follower of your blog! But I’m thinking of doing a textiles course, and reading blogs by several of you doing the textiles courses is a great way to find out what the courses entail

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