After two long years my work is on it’s way to OCA headquarters in Barnsley for Novembers assessment.   I nearly gave myself and the lady in my local Post Office a hernia last time it was so heavy so I sent it by MyHermes they pick it up and it was reasonably cheap £10.61 to send.  It is going to be a nerve wracking few months until I get my result but fingers crossed I do as well as last time.

The guidelines in my course material said to send Assignments 2-5 but I noticed in my new module it says to send Assignment 1 as well even though it isn’t assessed  the assessors want to see what you have done.

I e-mailed OCA to see if I should send Assignment 1 as well but their reply is that they have changed the guidelines but it won’t come in to force until next March so I could choose to include it or not.  I needed to get it into the post this week to get to Barnsley for next Mondays deadline so I decided not to include it as I didn’t have enough mountboard to mount my work properly and I wouldn’t have got more it in time.


2 responses to “Assessment

  1. My assessment work cost me 95 english pounds to send it from NZ and it was less than half the weight allowed worse still
    all my assignment five work has yet to be received as the post office have lost it somewhere in transit- ho hum – them’s the breaks.

  2. Best of luck Susan (and Robin – hope your work has turned up). I am also in for assessment in November so getting a bit twitchy now.

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