After a lot of procrastination I have finally finished Chapter 4 Contextual Studies.  I kept putting it off and finding the most trivial of things to do other than sit down  and write the 2,000 word analytical study of Zandra Rhodes.  I have to admit I was  dreading it but I was surprised that once I got going it wasn’t too bad.

I’ve just got to proof read it and print it out then I can send it to my tutor.  Now I can start on the last Chapter A Personal project.

I was hoping to put in for July’s assessment date but it will have to wait until November now.


2 responses to “Phew!!!!!

  1. fibresofbeing

    Congratulations on pushing through and getting it done!
    Isn’t it strange – we can put so much time and energy into procrastinating and worrying, then once you get started or past a blockage it’s often not as bad/hard as we expect. If I was able to put all my procrastination time to more productive use I’d be so much further on, but somehow knowing that doesn’t help much at the time.

  2. Well done so far Susan just found your journey over the last two weeks while I was laid up resting after a busy past year at the Regional College Ballymena doing City and Guilds Creative Textiles. This was my second year and unlike your self a total novice to art and design but getting on fab. I am inspired by your blogg and just purchased the Breakdown Printing book and CD you mention earlyier on. I havnt had time to do my blogg as I struggle with illness which sewing and art has brought so much pleasure. I also cared for my late mum (friend) until she passed away 4 years ago at the age of 82 years. This was a new horizon for me and I love it and found a new passion as well as my love for animals and nature. I am also do an Open University undergradute degree which is a tough time keeping going as you will have yourself. So you are not alone in this tough world but as I am constantly told by my friend your are so brave you will do it I know, Lovely reading your blogg it is inspiring well done keep up the good work.

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