Bailey and Shrimpton

I’ve just finished watching ‘We’ll Take Manhatten’ on BBC Four.  I missed it first time around when it was on a few months ago so was so glad it was repeated.  It was fascinating to see how David Bailey stuck to his principles and instead of the stuffy staid fashion photographs that Vogue had been using before, they where replaced with the fresh images that have since become so iconic.

I loved the bit on the plane back to the UK when Bailey heard the Beatles hit “Love Me Do” and said “what is this rubbish?”  Don’t know if he really said it probably artistic licence but it made me laugh.

UPDATE 3rd August  There has been some discussion on the student forum about including photo taken from the web in a blog even if it is for education purposes.  I don’t want to get in any trouble so am taking out the photos I included in this post.


One response to “Bailey and Shrimpton

  1. I was surprised how much I also enjoyed this. I’m old enough to be able to remember it when it was happening – all very clearly! I used to devour new copies of Vogue, drooling over the photos. The programme was nice because they could now do the hindsight and overview sort of take on what was going on. You never realise at the time how important some of these things are going to turn out to be.

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