Creative Sketchbooks

I feel I haven’t been doing enough work in my sketchbook so when I saw this online course with Design Matters I decided to enrol on it.

I’m half way through Module 1.   Linda and Laura have put a lot of time and effort into this course so obviously they don’t won’t to much detail to be shared online but here’s a taster of what I’ve been doing so far.



5 responses to “Creative Sketchbooks

  1. i was going through your work and your work is highly inspiring. i am also deciding to do the same degree but bit confused about the assignments they give. as you are already into it so can you please help me out in this that how difficult the assignments are? and how much time it takes, if we go for like 16 hours a day with full dedication?

    • I’m still on level one so the assignments aren’t too hard but I don’t know what levels two and three are like. It really depends on how much experience you have. As to how long it takes if you worked at it full time you could do it in less time than OCA says but I would count on about 4 years to complete a degree. Hope this helps

  2. I really struggle with sketchbooks – I’m slowly discovering drawing with different media – collage etc – and being freer with interpretation in an effort to keep out of that ‘I can’t draw’ rut. Not sure that I could commit to another course though, I’m already reckoning on 6 years for my degree!

  3. @susan: thank you so much. this is will for sure help me allot. can i ask you that when you started your level 1?
    @penny: your are doing your first level?
    Thank you so much for the info.

  4. maliha: I started studying with OCA back in 2005 but only decided to study for the degree in 2009. I was carer for my Mum until she passed away last year and for most of this year had bad health so it has taken me longer to complete the 3 level 1 modules than I had hoped. I hope to start Understanding Art in the New Year then I’ll be able to go on to Level 2.

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