Passed ……..

……. I got a letter at lunchtime to say that I’d passed The Art of Photography.  I missed out on getting a better grade by 2% but considering all the family and health problems I had during the 2 years of doing the course I can’t complain about the result.  It won’t count towards my textiles degree but it was nice to see what the assessors thought of my work.  You don’t get much feedback but what was written was mostly positive.

“Your work shows great potential.  There is some very good work here, which demonstrates your enthusiasm for photography and your ambition to learn and improve.  Presentation is clear and well organized.  There is some strong, visually innovative imagery, particularly assignment 4


12 responses to “Passed ……..

  1. Congratulations! You must feel very relieved. Although the feedback was simple it was very positive.

  2. congrats 🙂 how much time you took to complete your first module?

  3. maliha – it took me 2 years to do my first module but that was because I was caring for my elderly Mum until she passed away last October and because I’ve had bad health. Hopefully in the New Year I will be able to start working faster and do a module in 9-12 months or even quicker if I can do it full time.

  4. oh sorry to hear about your mom’s death 😦
    ahaan.. thanks.
    i wish you a best of luck for your next modules..
    as you are already into this, you have better info about the courses. please guide me, that can i do 2 modules together?

  5. maliha – If you are paying for the modules yourself Yes you can do 2 modules together if you have the time. I wanted to do 2 at the same time so asked for Understanding Art to be sent but I’ve just found out if you get Student finance here in the UK you have to complete assignment 4 of your present module before you can start on the next module so that will be in the New Year for me.

  6. susan: how we have to submit our projects? and after how much time we have to submit each project? is there any time requirement for each project/ assignment?

  7. maliha: you are allocated a tutor and you send your work to them through the post. You have up to 2 years to complete a module but your tutor will usually give you a date by which each project/assignment has to be done by, but with OCA they are very flexible so as I’ve had to do in the past few years i just email my tutor and ask for a few more weeks to complete.

  8. susan, umm, how much time your tutor gave to you for each project/assignment?

  9. The tutor I have at the moment usually gives me about 3 months for each assignment.

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