Reveal and Conceal

I really need to get started on Part 3: Reveal and Conceal but I feel so tired all the time, I can’t concentrate and have to push myself to do anything.

I had a go at Workshop 8 ‘Working with inkjet printers’.  I’ve tried printing on fabric before with various results including getting the fabric stuck in the printer.  I used the technique that Wendy Cotterill demonstrated at Aintree back in May.  It worked 1st time.  I didn’t use any special fabric just ironed some cotton and muslin to freezer paper so it would run through the printer.

I bought some ‘PRINTABILITY’ medium at Aintree so will have to give it a try on fabric and see if it makes any difference to the prints.  In the instructions it says you can use it on Lutrador and Evelon so will give them a try as well.


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