I know envy is one of the 7 deadly sins but when I saw this video I couldn’t help being envious of her new studio, who wouldn’t be with all that space.


2 responses to “Envy

  1. Do you think it’s always that tidy? I hate her………….just kidding!

  2. Is she a pro? I wondered as I’ve seen photos and so on of some American ladies’ studios/craft rooms and they just seem to horde. One had easily thousands of dollars of stuff in there, which she confessed to not really using much… I fear I’d get nothing done in this place as I’d be so busy just admiring it and trying to keep it clean and tidy!! Tee-hee!

    Anyway, money buys SO much more on that side of the Pond, and they have so much more space than we do to have these extra rooms and/or buildings.=) What gets me is that they usually have higher wages, lower expenses, much MUCH more materially than we do here and so many cry ‘Poverty! Debt! Insufficiency!’ I guess they should try living here for a while!!!=)

    All the best with your studies. Hope you have a great, creative time.

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