Student funding

I got a letter today to say I’ve got funding for 2010/2011. I’ve been given a Tution Fee grant  plus a course grant for books etc.  I just have to pay £205 as a contribution to the 2 modules I need to take to complete Level 1 which are Textiles 1: Exploring Ideas that I started in October and Understanding Art 1: Western Art.





One response to “Student funding

  1. Congratulations! I found your blog via the OCA site & am very impressed by your sketchbook for Textiles 1 A Creative Approach. Your work is so beautiful. I’ve just completed Assignment 2 & sent it to my tutor, but am struggling a bit as my sketches aren’t good enough to develop for some of the course. Your work has inspired me to rethink the sketching I’ve been doing.

    Keep up the good work. I know only too well how difficult it is to get motivated after bereavement, but things will get easier in time.

    Best wishes,

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