My tutor e-mailed her report on Assignment 4 of TAOP last night.  I’m so chuffed at what she said

Can I also just add Susan. Your work is stunning its beautiful, please ….. make sure some aspect of research is on offer it would be such a shame for you to loss points”.

She is referring to my logbook.  I do keep one but it doesn’t say in the course work to send it to my tutor so I’ve never bothered.  I’ve used a ring folder for m y logbook and by the time I send TAOP for assessment early next year I don’t think I’ll be able to close it.


One response to “Chuffed

  1. Hello Susan – this is a question rather than a comment but I didn’t know how to contact you direct. I have just abandoned my C&G Diploma after only one module. I wanted to know why you decided to go with OCA rather than start the Diploma. How is it different from C&G and why is it better? The fees are quite high and I thought it would be good to hear your view before signing a cheque in blood!

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