Student regulations

I posted on the Facebook that I can’t afford to carry on with my studies yet and Jennifer said I should let OCA know because you can take time off if circumstances warrant it so I  checked the Student regulations.

“Students continuing with their degree studies following assessment of a previous unit, will have up to the date of the next assessment event (i.e. up to 4 months) in which to re-enrol. During this period of between 1 to 4 months, students will still be deemed to be ‘on programme’, even though they will not be enrolled on a specific unit.

Students who have not re-enrolled by the date of the next assessment event will be deemed to have ‘interrupted’ their studies and will be categorised as such in the update of enrolled students as supplied by OCA to UCA.

Such students will still be able to re-enrol and continue with their course, provided they do so within twelve months from receipt of the notification of the outcome of the assessment of their previous unit (see next section) and provided also that they do not exceed the maximum period of registration.”

So if I can’t carry on with my studies soon I’ve got until December to find the money.


New Blog

I don’t update this blog very often as you have probably seen by the number of posts I’ve written this year or should I say not written :-). There was a discussion on the student forum a few years ago and the advice was to use separate learning blogs for each course which when you think about is sensible otherwise after a few courses it would get a bit congested. If you are interested in my learning blog for Textiles 2: Developing Creative Textiles you can follow it here

New course……

… I forgot to post on here that I’ve started my first second level course towards my Textile degree, Developing Creative Textiles.

To make it easier for my tutor and assessors to view I’ve started a new blog, if you’re interested you can follow it here .

I’m just finishing the first project and hope to get it sent to my tutor next week then I can start on the project I’ve been looking forward to the most ‘Dyeing and screen printing’. I did some dyeing using Procion dyes for my City & Guilds but I’m looking forward to experimenting more and hopefully trying Natural dyeing. I’d like to try Indigo dyeing but I don’t have any outside space to do it safely so I’ve been doing some research and you can get blue if you use Black beans. I wasn’t sure if my local Tesco would


sell them but luckily I was able to get a pack yesterday. It will be interesting to see if I can get blue from them as some blogs I’ve read have only managed green. It seems to be down to if your water is acid or alkaline. I’ve also been saving onion skins for ages and the shells from a pack of walnuts my brother bought me earlier this year so I’ll be able to try at least 3 natural dyes to start with.

I did screen printing on Exploring Ideas but I’d like to try using thickened dye this time.


I passed Understanding Western Art with 65%. You get more feedback now and mine was very encouraging. I can carry on to level 2 now, I just need to get the money to continue. I’ve applied for a Student Loan and fingers crossed I should hear in a few weeks.


I completed my last level one module last month, Understanding Western Art is now at OCA headquarters for Assessment.

I re-read the student regulations after I read something about going on to Level 2 and thought that I’d better check.

You have to pass Level 1 before you can continue with Level 2 so I have to wait until at least the end of March before I can enrol on my first level 2 module ‘Designing Creative Textiles’.

I enjoyed learning more about Art but I am itching to get back to working with Textiles it seems ages since I did any.


I got the results of November’s assessment for Exploring Ideas.  I got 57 which I was disappointed in I thought I would have done better than that considering all the work I put in to it.  I wonder if they are tougher at marking now that they have changed the accrediting University.  I don’t get any feedback for a while so I will have to see what it says but I’m not sure if they give any indication on how you can improve your work.

UPDATE 18th May 2013

I got the written feedback in January:-

Assessor comments

Your enquiring practical experimentation will be strengthened by a deeper critical analysis.  This continued reflection will advance your creative development and your developing personal voice.  More attention to the presentation and the critical reviewing of your sampling will enable you to identify potential, and therefore enable you to progress creatively and grow in confidence in your decision making.

Continuing with Degree???

I have been feeling so tired lately that I didn’t have the concentration and enthusiasm to do anything so I was seriously considering giving up studying for my degree in Textiles.

I woke on Friday feeling very ill my heart was beating so fast I thought I was having a heart attack and after phoning NHS direct they said to go to A & E at my local hospital.  I spent most of the day having tests which showed no heart problem but I’ve got to have a 24 hour heart monitor fitted as a precaution.

I thought the Doctor was asking questions that weren’t really related to heart trouble, he took my off the blood pressure medication I’ve been taking straight away but now I realize why.   I googled Amplodine when I got home  No wonder I have been feeling so ill.  You should see the list of side effects I was ticking them off as I went though them,   and from what I have read it is only used by vets in some countries.

I’ve not taken it for 2 days and touch wood I’m feeling a little better but I know it will take a while to work out of my system because I’ve been taking it for so long.  So fingers crossed I will get my mojo back and can get back to studying.